illustration by Sheena Dempsey, 2009

illustration by Sheena Dempsey, 2009

Free fun things to do and places to see in Dublin, Ireland

Freefun was started in 2009 when Hannah, the founder was studying for a masters in design, was broke but still wanted to explore the city and do things at the weekend. At the inception of the site, events were a big focus but that turned out to be too time consuming for one person to keep updated. 

For now Freefun will focus on things to do and places to see that are always there or are very regular. The aim of is to give residents of and visitors to Dublin information about the extensive array of free amenities that lie on their doorstep. We will add places and things to do over time. 

If you know of something free that you think would be suitable to list, please get in touch. And even better, if you are interested in getting involved with creating content for Freefun let us know.